Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pet Care Financial Aid

What does a pet owner do when their precious fur baby needs veterinary care that is way beyond their budget?

The cost for an annual trip to the vet is already staggering for some and becomes a real hardship if the pet needs any type of care beyond a routine yearly exam.

Good news . . . help is out there!! I've come up with the following list after doing some research.

Organizations who offer financial aid 

Banfield Charitable Trust HOPE Fund – The pet must be a patient at a Banfield Pet Hospital and funds are determined by each clinic.

The Big Hearts Fund – Financial aid for dogs and cats with heart disease.

Brown Dog Foundation – This agency assists with the cost of prescription medications.

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund – The group helps with the treatment of dogs and cats with cancer.

Dylan’s Hearts – A nonprofit agency that aids families struggling financially to pay for veterinary care.

Friends & Vets – This organization assists when your pet needs financial help for “extraordinary” veterinary expenses to save their life.

Harley’s Hope Foundation – A group that gives financial aid for major illnesses and emergency veterinary care.

Hope Mending Heart – A grant program started by a veterinarian to help pet parents afford surgery and post-operative care.

Magic Bullet Fund – The group provides assistance for dogs fighting cancer.

Paws 4 A Cure – A nonprofit group that aids families whose dogs and cats are in need of non-routine veterinary care.

Pet Assistance, Inc. – This organization helps financially for dogs and cats with urgent veterinary needs.

The Pet Fund – A nonprofit group that provides assistance to pets in need of veterinary care for cancer treatment, heart disease and other non-basic or emergency care.

RedRover Relief – This nonprofit organization offers grant money so pet caregivers can afford urgent and emergency veterinary treatment for their pets.

Shakespeare Animal Fund – An agency that helps pets and their people in need.

Red Rover Financial Assistance Directory

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