Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lazy Cat!

I know . . . it has been way too long!

I've had a bad attitude, you know, since Miss Kiki arrived . . . but I'm getting better.

Miss Kiki took over mom and barely leaves her side, like a guard.  Yes, she is the mama's girl now.  But guess what?  I'm daddy's girl which isn't bad!

My attitude towards mom has been really bad, but I have been nicer and she's paying more attention to me. It seems like Miss Princess Kiki is getting used to me getting some mommy attention.  That makes me happy.

Kiki and I are playing now, but more like cat and mouse with no closeness.  When she gets close enough I swat her, give her the ugly face with the hiss and it scares her . . . heheheh!

We will all be posting to this blog now.  Mom has been doing research on cats since she is a newbie cat mommy and finding out lots of stuff about Brussels Griffons since that is what Kiki is.  She wants to share that information, so I'm gonna let her write her articles.  Especially if she keeps giving me those awesome treats!

Mom and The Captain don't want a Christmas tree and that makes me sad since I wanted to go exploring, cause trouble and blame Kiki . . .


  1. As long as you have your own human, I think it is all cool! Kiki can have one, and you the other. I accept the dog here - she's very old - I don't hiss at her, but we aren't buddies either.

  2. awwww Summer . . . thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment :) I really loved Sparkle and now I love you too!!! Thanks for making me feel better . . . Mimi :)

  3. Hey, good to hear from you. We're sorry you gotta put up with Kiki. But just think...you can boss her around.