Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An update from Mimi

Kiki and I are learning how to be good travelers!  The good news is that we are slowly getting used to each other without fighting.  Sometimes I am a little bad girl and swat her as she passes my cage :)  I'm still not trusting her completely since she loves to chase me and I don't understand why.

My dad has been in the hospital and life has not been normal at all.  We sure did miss him while he was gone, but staying at my grandma's house was nice since we got extra attention and new toys.  I have even learned to love the big kennel they bought me.  Now I have my own little room no matter where I go :)

My first visit to the vet was a new adventure and I got lots of attention from everyone . . . they thought that I am a sweet and pretty kitty.  The vet could not believe how I allow my mom, the Gypsy Lady to hold me like a baby.  I was on my best behavior and didn't even hiss at the dogs who came to visit me in my kennel while we were in the waiting room.  It was fun for me since they took me alone, without Kiki around . . . I had them all to myself :)

We should be back to a normal schedule by this weekend.  I have lots of new photos of me and Kiki to post, along with some stories of our new adventures.

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