Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sibling love?

I'm not sure how I am feeling about this talk I've been
 hearing around here lately.  They want to adopt a dog . . . really bad.

Gypsy Lady is a dog person . . . maybe she won't love me anymore.  

She keeps checking the animal shelter website for a doggie to love.

Then I found this photo . . .

Could it be so bad to be a sibling and share the love?  

The doggie could be a really good buddy that I can love too.

I'm sad and curious at the same time.  

Sad because I love when the Gypsy Lady holds me like a little baby girl.  

Would that still happen?  

Maybe I should be a little less aloof . . .


  1. Mimi you have NOTHING to worry about! My Mom adopted me in 2007 and then 3 months later she got a DOGGY!!!!

    It isn't bad at all! Dakota (my doggy brother) and i are the BEST of friends...and the BEST part?

    Mom STILL holds me like a baby!!

  2. awwww that sounds great . . . I hope they find a doggy sibling like Dakota that I can love too :) Thanks for making me feel better about this . . . Mimi