Monday, December 26, 2011

Mimi . . . the mischievious cat

Basically, I'm a sweet cat, but sometimes my mischievous side comes out.  I can't help it, I'm a cat!

I don't know what came over me . . . The Gypsy is a great mom . . . she is very sweet to me and gives me so much love.  I just had to be a little playful with her, although I didn't realize how upset she would get!

They have an office that has all kinds of stuff in it . . . mostly all stacked up with lots of boxes.  The door was  open and curiosity had been getting the best of me . . . I had to explore that room!

While the humans were sleeping, I decided to explore.  The little paths between the boxes and stuff were so cool, kind of like a maze . . . the more I ventured, the more I wanted to venture.  Then I found the boxes of soft fabric . . . I tried out several of them before I found the one that felt just right.  Ohhhhh . . . so comfy!!  It was my perfect hiding spot :)

I felt bad for The Gypsy, but it was fun watching her panic.  When she started moving boxes I was afraid that she was really mad at me and I was scared to come out . . . she may take me back to the animal shelter where I was locked in that cage.  So I continued to hide . . .

WOW she loves me . . . she really loves me.  I can't believe how fast those legs with sore knees were moving . . . she was determined to find me.

The Captain was cool with the adventure, he knows cats . . . and he knew I was just having fun.  But he felt bad for The Gypsy, so he came in with the flashlight and found me in my hiding place pretty fast.  I'm not going to be able to be very mischievious with him . . . he is one step ahead of me.

The good thing is after all that, she was too tired to go to a Christmas Eve party they were supposed to go to.  :) I'm glad they didn't go . . . they gave me lots of attention and I didn't have to be alone!

Now I know . . . when I want to have fun and be playful . . . I will be able to mess with her easily :)

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