Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pet Care Financial Aid

What does a pet owner do when their precious fur baby needs veterinary care that is way beyond their budget?

The cost for an annual trip to the vet is already staggering for some and becomes a real hardship if the pet needs any type of care beyond a routine yearly exam.

Good news . . . help is out there!! I've come up with the following list after doing some research.

Organizations who offer financial aid 

Banfield Charitable Trust HOPE Fund – The pet must be a patient at a Banfield Pet Hospital and funds are determined by each clinic.

The Big Hearts Fund – Financial aid for dogs and cats with heart disease.

Brown Dog Foundation – This agency assists with the cost of prescription medications.

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund – The group helps with the treatment of dogs and cats with cancer.

Dylan’s Hearts – A nonprofit agency that aids families struggling financially to pay for veterinary care.

Friends & Vets – This organization assists when your pet needs financial help for “extraordinary” veterinary expenses to save their life.

Harley’s Hope Foundation – A group that gives financial aid for major illnesses and emergency veterinary care.

Hope Mending Heart – A grant program started by a veterinarian to help pet parents afford surgery and post-operative care.

Magic Bullet Fund – The group provides assistance for dogs fighting cancer.

Paws 4 A Cure – A nonprofit group that aids families whose dogs and cats are in need of non-routine veterinary care.

Pet Assistance, Inc. – This organization helps financially for dogs and cats with urgent veterinary needs.

The Pet Fund – A nonprofit group that provides assistance to pets in need of veterinary care for cancer treatment, heart disease and other non-basic or emergency care.

RedRover Relief – This nonprofit organization offers grant money so pet caregivers can afford urgent and emergency veterinary treatment for their pets.

Shakespeare Animal Fund – An agency that helps pets and their people in need.

Red Rover Financial Assistance Directory

Humane Society - Help is Out There

Best Friend Organization - Resource Directory

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Catnip Cat Treats

Catnip is one of my favorite things!  It has been a while since Mom and Dad have treated me . . . maybe I get a little wild and they don't like it.  

Well, I thought I would post this and maybe they will get the hint that I love my catnip treats!  These look delicious :)

Mom and dad . . . click here to get the recipe.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Vinegar Uses for Pet Owners

Poor Kiki with those floppy ears is always having problems with ear infections.  You can tell your pet has an infection if they shake their head and scratches their ears often.  Best preventative is to clean their ears at least once a week.

The first time Kiki went to the vet for an infection, we got sticker shock over the visit and the medication!  Little did we know how a little prevention can make a difference.

I've found an article on the PetMd website that lists uses for vinegar.  One of them is to ear infections and cleaning pet ears.  Here is what it says:

"Ear infections are a common problem for dogs, especially those with floppy ears. You can clean your pet’s ears with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, Morgan says. Put the solution on a cotton ball and wipe the inside of your dog’s ears with the mixture, only applying it to the areas you can reach. 
 “If you have ear canals filled with bacteria and yeast, the pH is too high,” Morgan says. “If your dog has chronic problems, wiping out the ears will change the pH in there.”

Try diluting the vinegar with more water if your pet’s ears are extremely sore and raw, or she shies away from the treatment."

Click here for the rest of the article from PetMd.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Practice Poison Prevention For Your Pets

Did you miss me?

It has been good times for me!  Mom and Dad have decided to get their office straightened out so they can work on their new business and I now have my own room :)  They won't allow Kiki in the room and even put up a gate to keep her out.  I know they love me!

You know us cats are very nosey and must check out anything new.  It sure has been fun checking out that office with all the boxes of fabric underneath Mom's sewing table.  Lots of places to explore and hide!  I love having my own room.

This brings me to an article I found about Pet Poison Prevention.  We cats really don't have a logical mind and want to sniff and chew on anything we find . . . dogs too.  Kiki is the queen of chewing everything she finds, like she thinks it is food.

With that in mind, I would like furbaby Moms and Dads out there to read this article to be aware of stuff you have no idea is poisonous.  It also includes tips on what to do if your furbaby gets a hold of something poisonous.  I don't want any of my cat friends to get a hold of something that will harm them in some way . . . OK, dogs too.

Click here for the article.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Prepare an emergency bag for your pets

Here is an excerpt from Publix Paws newsletter (link follows article):

Getting emergency supplies to ensure your family’s safety is essential, but did you ever consider making one for your pets, too? Keep your go-bags in a location that is dry and easy to get to, and show everyone in your family where they are kept in your house.

Don’t just toss any old thing into your pets’ go-bag. Think about what they will really need in an emergency, such as:

Pet Food

Pack canned or dry food, and avoid including any foods that need to be refrigerated or frozen. Don’t forget a can opener!


Pack enough bottled water for your pets, as well as for each member of your family. You can even refill used water jugs with tap water to bring along.


Be sure to bring along a disposable litter box with a scoop, as well as the kitty litter.


Dogs and cats can get scared—just like humans—and toys can really ease your pets’ anxiety.


Pack plenty of blankets and/or a pet bed to keep your pets warm and comfortable.

Leash or Carrier

Remember to bring a leash, harness, or carrier with you to keep your pets close.

Records and Medication

Keep copies of your pets’ veterinary records in your go-bag, as well as any medication they may need. Be mindful of expiration dates, and check medication every 3–4 months.

Other ways to prepare

An emergency plan that’s good for you is also good for your pets. 

Map out the route you will take in your area (or even inside your home) during an emergency, and practice following your plan by carrying out test runs with your family and your pet. 

Test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home monthly, and recharge your fire extinguisher once per year. 

Subscribe to alert services. Many communities now have systems that will send instant text alerts or emails to let you know about bad weather, road closings, local emergencies, etc. 

Consider a microchip if you haven’t already. Microchips—about the size of a grain of rice—allow veterinarians, rescuers, and animal shelters to identify your pets and trace ownership back to you in the event of separation.

Disasters can happen anywhere, so make a plan in order to keep your loved ones safe.

Source: Publix Paws Newsletter

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lazy Cat!

I know . . . it has been way too long!

I've had a bad attitude, you know, since Miss Kiki arrived . . . but I'm getting better.

Miss Kiki took over mom and barely leaves her side, like a guard.  Yes, she is the mama's girl now.  But guess what?  I'm daddy's girl which isn't bad!

My attitude towards mom has been really bad, but I have been nicer and she's paying more attention to me. It seems like Miss Princess Kiki is getting used to me getting some mommy attention.  That makes me happy.

Kiki and I are playing now, but more like cat and mouse with no closeness.  When she gets close enough I swat her, give her the ugly face with the hiss and it scares her . . . heheheh!

We will all be posting to this blog now.  Mom has been doing research on cats since she is a newbie cat mommy and finding out lots of stuff about Brussels Griffons since that is what Kiki is.  She wants to share that information, so I'm gonna let her write her articles.  Especially if she keeps giving me those awesome treats!

Mom and The Captain don't want a Christmas tree and that makes me sad since I wanted to go exploring, cause trouble and blame Kiki . . .

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An update from Mimi

Kiki and I are learning how to be good travelers!  The good news is that we are slowly getting used to each other without fighting.  Sometimes I am a little bad girl and swat her as she passes my cage :)  I'm still not trusting her completely since she loves to chase me and I don't understand why.

My dad has been in the hospital and life has not been normal at all.  We sure did miss him while he was gone, but staying at my grandma's house was nice since we got extra attention and new toys.  I have even learned to love the big kennel they bought me.  Now I have my own little room no matter where I go :)

My first visit to the vet was a new adventure and I got lots of attention from everyone . . . they thought that I am a sweet and pretty kitty.  The vet could not believe how I allow my mom, the Gypsy Lady to hold me like a baby.  I was on my best behavior and didn't even hiss at the dogs who came to visit me in my kennel while we were in the waiting room.  It was fun for me since they took me alone, without Kiki around . . . I had them all to myself :)

We should be back to a normal schedule by this weekend.  I have lots of new photos of me and Kiki to post, along with some stories of our new adventures.